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My first Post

Hi everybody, here is my first post on this blog. It is my intent to share my ideas, knowledge and experience from the last 11 years of hard work in IT.

For the Kick Off I will show my respect and tribute for the responsible ones of what I do today in my job, my father and the Zx Spectrum 48k.

In early 80s my father went home with his new brand Zx Spectrum 48k, as a little kid at that time I was far to image how this moment was so important for my career and life path. I started to put my fingers on the rubber keyboard with the help of my father, we spent our time programming in basic to reproduce some drawings, and all the fun came right after it when I started playing 'MANIC MINNER'. I'll never forget the good times with my friends playing Formula One Manager, Bomb Jack, Target Renegade, Chuckie Egg, Double Dragon and so many, many more, that time when I spent 8 or 16 hours in front of the computer for fun and not for work.

My Zx Spectrum was a real survivor, I did punch it, Kick it and even Stab it and all it asked for in return was a new keyboard. I will never forget the face of the guy that did repairs to my Spectrum for a couple of times, on the moment he looked for it with two big holes on the keyboard plate and he asked me "What the hell happened this time?" and I just said "I did Stab it", he laughed and told me "come on kid get out here, no one Stab's a computer". Poor me, we cannot even be honest on these days. :S

Just for the record, obviously all the future content on this Blog will not be regarding Spectrum, for all I said before I think that it deserved to be remembered. I will post here some content based on the current technology and interest.

To finish, for all of those with the same nostalgic feeling and also for all of those who only know what is a Xbox, Playstation, PCs and may be curious about what the heck is a Spectrum, I leave here some links to make you feel more happy.

Web Site with all those special Spectrum Games (ready to play online):

A bit of history of Spectrum:

Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming:

R-Tape Loading error,
Luís Rato

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