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AD Explorer - Advanced Active Directory viewer and editor

Greetings everybody!

Microsoft has released Active Directory Explorer (AD Explorer) which is a very cool tool to view and edit Active Directory Objects and attributes.
There are already a few tools that we are familiar with, like LDP.exe and ADSIEDIT.MSC (Windows Support Tools).

LDP is the oldest one, with a difficult interface but is very powerful to do some special tasks like cleaning lingering objects in Windows 2000 AD, all the old school guys love it and use it almost every time.

ADSIEDIT is another Active Directory viewer and editor, with an easier interface where you can navigate through the Domain, Configuration or Schema AD partitions.

However both these tools had one limitation, you were unable to easily look at the Active Directory objects attributes, you always had to double click or open its properties to look inside the object attributes. The AD Explorer has some new features that every AD Administrator will love.

Just take a look for details below:

Active Directory Explorer (AD Explorer) is an advanced Active Directory (AD) viewer and editor. You can use AD Explorer to easily navigate an AD database, define favorite locations, view object properties and attributes without having to open dialog boxes, edit permissions, view an object's schema, and execute sophisticated searches that you can save and re-execute.

AD Explorer also includes the ability to save snapshots of an AD database for off-line viewing and comparisons. When you load a saved snapshot, you can navigate and explorer it as you would a live database. If you have two snapshots of an AD database you can use AD Explorer's comparison functionality to see what objects, attributes and security permissions changed between them.
AD Explorer works on Windows 2000 and higher.

You can download AD Explorer on the following link:

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JackW disse...

This microsoft ad explorer sounds interesting. It's a good step to visualisation of active directory management. But it's not enough yet. Some 3rd party vendors have much more powerful solutions. In this case, my personal favourite is scriptlogic's active administrator. I've been using it for a long time and it showed the best results in comparison with several other solutions. There a lot of advantages and useful features like active templates (for simplifying permissions assignment), active directory backup and restore (with the ability of selectively restoring), auditing, easy group policy management and many more.